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The John Glenn School of Public Affairs was founded on the principle that an informed and involved citizenry is essential for democracy to thrive. The Glenn School’s programs equip students with the skills to become tomorrow’s citizen-leaders or public service professionals. The skills taught at the Glenn School give students the knowledge for civic engagement and the ability to make a lasting change in their communities and the nation.

“Inspire citizenship and develop leadership” is the mission of the Glenn School. The school prepares professionals for public service, challenges our students and the general public to be involved in the civic life of their communities. In addition, the Glenn School provides applied research that directly benefits the citizens of Ohio and the nation.

From its home at Page Hall, the Glenn School is ideally situated to provide research, training and technical assistance to state, public and nonprofit organizations. The faculty and students have access to the vast resources of the Ohio State University as well as the policy makers in Ohio’s capital city.

Informing Public Policy, Preparing Tomorrow’s Leaders

The economy, health care, climate change, energy — these are just a few of the public policy issues that affect us all. More than ever, we need public management leaders who have the skills and knowledge to tackle the issues that matter most to Ohio and the country. The Glenn School undertakes policy and organizational analysis projects for state government agencies and nonprofit organization. It helps nations democratize and organize their government agencies to better serve their citizens. It helps inform federal policy makers by addressing issues of national importance such as sustainable energy and healthcare.

Public affairs professionals provide leadership in the public and nonprofit sectors and make a lasting difference in their communities. The Glenn School teaches the skills that tomorrow’s public service professionals will need to face the many challenges in the public policy arena.

Our Mission:

The School’s overarching duty is to “inspire citizenship and develop leadership” in the public sector through pursuit of a five-fold mission:

We are committed to

Upon successful completion of a Masters degree, students will have:



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