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Glenn School Alumni Society honored as an 'Outstanding Alumni Society'

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Did you graduate from the School of Public Policy and Management or the Division of Public Administration with your MPA, MA or Ph.D.?  Did you participate in the Washington Academic Internship Program or the Civic Leadership Council?  No matter when and from which program you graduated, YOU ARE PART OF OUR FAMILY.

Welcome home to the John Glenn School of Public Affairs. If you still are not convinced that you belong to the Glenn School alumni community, take a look at the alumni wheel to the right.  As you scroll over a different piece of the wheel a description of the program or degree type will appear within the red circle.  If you see the phrase, “Welcome home” within the red circle, you can rest assured that you are indeed a member of the Glenn School alumni community.

We hope that you will choose to be an active member of this community. Please take the time to explore the alumni pages of the Glenn School website and our many social media platforms to find out more about what we are doing and how you can Get Involved and Get Connected with students, staff, faculty and fellow alumni.

For questions, comments, updates, and anything else you want to share, please contact Lisa Frericks at or 614-292-8288.



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