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Glenn Colloquium Series
Spring 2015 Schedule

All talks are held in room 130 (LEC) at Page Hall on Mondays from 12:30-1:30p.m.
Lunch will be served.

  • Monday, January 12: Shoshanah Goldberg-Miller (Arts Administration, Education, and Policy)
  • Monday, January 19: No speaker due to Martin Luther King Day
  • Monday, January 26: Shawn Rohlin (Economics)
  • Monday, February 2: Randy Roth (History and Sociology)
  • Monday, February 9: Charlotte Kirschner (John Glenn School of Public Affairs)
  • Monday, February 16: Rob Greebaum (John Glenn School of Public Affairs
  • Monday, February 23: Jay Kandampully (Service Management)
  • Monday, March 2: Gregory Caldeira (Law and Political Science)
  • Monday, March 9: Noah Dormady and Gabe Englander (John Glenn School of Public Affairs)
  • Monday, March 16: No speaker due to Spring Break
  • Monday, March 23: Connie Wanstreet (Educational Studies Administration)
  • Monday, March 30: Tom Slemmer (National Church Residences)
  • Monday, April 6: Brian Roe and Elizabeth Robinson (Agricultural, Environmental, and Development Economics)
  • Monday, April 13: Stephanie Moulton (John Glenn School of Public Affairs)
  • Monday, April 20: Beth-Anne Schuelke-Leech (John Glenn School of Public Affairs)
  • Monday, April 27: Stéphane Lavertu (John Glenn School of Public Affairs)

Click on a speaker's topic to watch a video of their talk


Randolph Roth - Homicide in the United States - The Long History and Recent Trends

Shoshanah B.D. Goldberg-Miller — Stakeholder Partnerships and the Cultural City: Creative economic development policy in Toronto and New York


Kevin Cox - Public Policy and 'The Good Geography'

Ian Sheldon — Climate Policy and Border Measures: The Case of the U.S. Aluminum Industry

Zac Peskowitz — The Consequences of Direct Democracy: A Dynamic Regression Discontinuity Analysis of School Tax Referenda and Student Achievement

Trevon Logan — Segregation, Forever

Morton O'Kelly — Urban Bike Sharing Systems: General Issues and Local Examples

Doug Downey — Why Fixing Schools Won't Fix the American Dream: What Barack Obama, Arne Duncan, and Bill Gates Need to Hear

Jos Raadschelders — Global Dimensions of Public Administration and Governance: A Comparative Voyage


Jesus J. Lara — Latino Urbanism: Defining a Cultural Urban Form and Strategies for Re-urbanization

Allen Klaiber — The Cost of Heat: Urban Heat Island in the Presence of Complementary Landscape Features

Anand Desai — Consequences of Complexity

Jeff Bielicki — Interactions between Energy and Environmental Systems and Policy in Emerging Subsurface Energy Technologies

Jos Raadschelders — Public Administration as Inter- and A-Disciplinary Study for Professionals: Consequences for Inquiry and Pedagogy

Jeremy Brooks — Measuring Multiple Outcomes of Community-Based Conservation: Evidence from Meta-Analyses and the Case of the Buddha Mushroom in Bhutan

Jill Clark — The Alternative Agrifood System Policy Research Domain

Gökçe Esenduran — The Sustainability Agenda: How Can OM/SCM Scholars and Researchers Contribute?

Chris Gelpi— Opting Out in 2012: Military Casualties, Vote Choice, and Voter Turnout in Obama's Bid for Reelection


Eric Seiber — New immigration destination states: Is it harder for eligible immigrant children to enroll in Medicaid?

Cathy Rakowski — Venezuela's Experiment in Participatory Democracy—the Case of Ciudad Guayana's First Mayoral Administration, 1990-95

Justin Vaughn — Reconsidering Presidential Policy Czars

Phillip Brown — Yamba, the Dam That Will Not Die: Democratization, Experts and Local Priorities in Post-War Japan

Rachel Kleit — Public Housing Redevelopment and Poverty: Getting Nothing from Something

John Brooke — Climate Change and the Modern Global Economy: A Brief Historical Public Policy Primer

Dan Tokaji — The Right to Vote: Lessons from the 2012 Election


Douglas Downey — The Assumption: A Key Belief About Schools and Inequality That is Pervasive, Wrong, and Detrimental to Good Policy

Devin Fergus — Land of the Fee: The Rise of Consumer Finance Fees and the Decline of Upward Mobility, 1980-2008

Blair Russell — Homeowner Transaction Costs and Take-up Rates of Mortgage Assistance Programs

Townsand Price-Spratlen — Managing Mass Incarceration: Public Policy and Reconstructing Rage

Rachel Dwyer — Youth Debt: Opportunity and Risk in the Transition to Adulthood

Charlotte Kirschner — When Disaster Strikes: How Do States Provide Property Tax Relief?

Deborah Merritt — The Job Gap, the Money Gap, and the Responsibility of Legal Educators

Mihaiela Gugiu — Corruption and Economic Cooperation in the European Union

Carolina Reid — The Geography of Risk: Neighborhoods, Social Networks, and Consumer Decisions in the Mortgage Market


Mansel Blackford — Making Seafood Sustainable, American Experiences in Global Perspective

Wei He — Increasing socioeconomic gap in child overweight/obesity in China

Caroline Wagner — Policy Implications of the Globalization of Science

Stéphane Lavertu — Administrative Reform, Political Ideology, and Bureaucratic Effort: The Case of Performance Management in the Bush Administration

Jason Siligman — State Pension Funding Practices & The Great Recession of 2007-2009

Martha Chamallas — Feminist Legal Theory

Douglas Southgate — Globalized Fruit: Transnational Firms, Tropical Entrepreneurs and Governments, and Independent Banana Development

Alice Rivlin — U.S. economy and politics

Daniele Bondonio — Cohesion policy co -financed by the European Regional Development Fund


Bernadette Hanlon — The Decline of Older Inner Suburbs: the Reality of an Aging Suburban Infrastructure

Jason Reece — "Opportunity mapping" methodology, utilized in community development and fair housing

Electra Paskett — Reducing Cervical Cancer in Appalachia

Christopher Browning — The Multiple Contexts of Socialization: Neighborhood and School Effects on Urban Adolescent Violence

Anand Desai — Policy Inquiry and the Many Meanings of Evidence

Beth-Anne Schuelke-Leech — Innovation Finance: A Synthesis of Public Funding and Private Financing of Innovation

Jennifer Evans Cowley — Microparticipation: the Role of Microblogs in Promoting Engagement »Watch video

Eva Witesman — Public Policy Values »Watch video


Joshua Hawley — Developing a Conceptual Framework to Understand the Movement of Post Doctoral into Research Careers in Students in the Biomedical Sciences »Watch video

Mark Partridge — Geographic Determinants of High-Tech Employment Growth in US Counties »Watch video

Jos Raadschelders — The Nature of Public Affairs as Reality and as Study: The Case for an A-Disciplinary and Problem-Oriented Study of Public Affair»Watch video

Ed Malecki — National and Regional Competitiveness: Systems of Innovation »Watch video

Tomas Koontz — Collaborative Public Management Environmental Policy: Watershed Institutions and Participatio »Watch video

Byung-Gi Moon — Social Enterprises and Evaluative Data Mining »Watch video

Kenny Steinman