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Jeffrey Bielicki
Jeffrey Bielicki
» Energy Sustainability
» Interactions between Energy and Environmental Systems and Policy
» Technology and Coupled Human-Environment Systems
» Sustainability Science
» Dynamics of Energy Technology Innovation, Deployment, and Change
Jennifer Evans-Cowley
» City and Regional Planning
Devin Fergus
Devin Fergus
» African American and African studies
Robert Greenbaum
» Urban and regional economics
» Spatial analysis, evaluation
» Economic development
» Crime
Neal Hooker
Neal Hooker
» Food Policy and Marketing
» Food Safety and Nutrition Economics
» Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility
Joshua Hawley
» Education Policy
» Workforce Policy
» Data Analytics
» International Development
Edward Malecki
» Geography
Jos Raadschelders
» Comparative Government
» Organizational Theory, Culture, and Ethics
» Epistemology of Public Administration
Terrell Strayhorn
» Director, Center for Higher Education Enterprise
Craig Boardman
» Public organization theory and management
» Science and technology policy and management
» Research evaluation
Anand Desai
» Measurement of effectiveness and efficiency
» Graphical display of multivariate relationships
» Modeling in support of public policy analysis
jeffery ford
Jeffrey Ford
» Management and Human Resources
Russell Hassan
» Work climate on employees’ work motivation, commitment and performance in government and non-profit organizations
Charlotte Kirschner
» Budgeting
» Intergovernmental finance
» Homeland security
David Landsbergen
» Information technology management and policy
» Law and public administration

Deborah Merritt
» Law
Pete Shane
Peter Shane
» Law
Daniel Sui
Daniel Sui
» Spatial Analysis and Modeling with GIS
Caroline Wagner
Caroline Wagner
» Science and Technology
» Program evaluation
» Complex systems theory
» Network analysis and visualization
Trevor Brown
Trevor Brown
» Alternative service delivery arrangements (particularly contracting)
» Performance measurement and management
» Organizational capacity
» Intergovernmental relations and management
» Democratic transition
Noah Dormady
Noah Dormady
» Energy Policy
» Environmental Policy
» Collaborative Governance
» Terrorism and Natural Hazards
Rachel Kleit
» City and Regional Planning, Knowlton School of Architecture
Stéphane Lavertu
» Bureaucratic politics
» Policymaking Process
» Policy/program evaluation
» Education Policy
Stephanie Moulton
» Housing and consumer finance policy
» Program implementation and evaluation
» Public and nonprofit policy and management

Jason Seligman
» Public finance
» Public budgeting
» Regulation
» Pensions, savings and insurance
Sandra Tanenbaum
» Public Health
Bruce Weinberg
» Economics
Jill Clark
Jill Clark
» Food system policy and planning
» Economic geography of food and agriculture
» Food policy councils and food system governance
John Glenn
John Glenn
» Adjunct Faculty
Amanda Girth
Amanda Girth
»Government contracting and public-private partnerships
»Public and nonprofit management and governance
»Performance management
Beth-Anne Schuelke-Leech
» Public Budgeting and Finance
» Innovation Policy and Finance
» Energy Policy
» Government and Business
» Risk Management and Regulations
ruth peterson
Ruth Peterson
» Sociology, Criminal Justice Research Center
William Shkurti
» Adjunct Faculty
Mary Tschirhart
Mary Tschirhart
» Organizational theory
» Nonprofit and public management
» Careers and professional development
» Membership associations
» Philanthropy
Hongtao Yi
Hongtao Yi
» Energy Policy
» Recycling and Solid Waste Management
» Green Economic Development
» Policy Networks/Network Analysis
Margaret Wyszomirski
» Art Education