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NEW Leadership is designed to address the historical and contemporary underrepresentation of women in politics. While women have always been politically active, their numbers in elective and appointed office are surprisingly low. Women hold only a small number of the seats in the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate and less than a quarter of the seats in our state legislatures.

NEW Leadership works to educate and empower college women to take on public leadership roles. A recent UCLA study showed that only 13.9 percent of first year women college students see influencing political affairs as a priority, and only 23.3 percent of those students consider it important to keep up to date with political affairs. NEW Leadership is an effort to build a new generation of women in politics and policymaking. NEW Leadership educates participants about the political process and awareness of women's historical and contemporary participation in that process.

NEW Leadership Ohio has been developed in partnership with the NEW Leadership Development Network established by the Center for American Women and Politics at Rutgers University. The John Glenn School of Public Affairs works with the Department of Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies to present the program each summer.



The Program

NEW Leadership Ohio is an initiative of The Ohio State University co-sponsored by the John Glenn School of Public Affairs and Department of Women's Gender and Sexuality Studies. The purpose of this program is to encourage and empower college women to take on public and political leadership roles.  NEW Leadership participants spend five days in an intensive, residential institute. During this time participants will: learn the history of women’s involvement in public life, gain leadership skills in public speaking, advocacy, and diversity, and form a network of their peers as well as current women leaders. Once the residential institute ends, NEW Leadership participants are encouraged to continue to build their leadership skills on their home campuses.  They are also encouraged to consider running for public office at some time in the future.


Because of the generosity of our sponsors, NEW Leadership Ohio pays for all program costs, including food and lodging.  NEW Leadership students are responsible for travel costs incurred in getting to and from the program location in Columbus, Ohio.  Because of the immense efforts put into fully funding each NEW Leadership student, accepted students cannot defer enrollment in the program.


NEW Leadership Ohio is open to undergraduate women enrolled in any Ohio 2-year or 4-year college or university, or Ohio residents attending school outside of the state. Participants represent different racial, ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds, as well as a variety of academic majors, ages and interests.  All political views are welcome.  Diversity of views and positions on interests is considered a strength of the program. 

Apply Today

There are two ways to apply for the 2014 New Leadership class. The preferred method is to click on this link and fill out the online application form. Another option is to click here and download an application. After filling out the form please mail it to:
John Glenn School of Public Affairs
NEW Leadership Program
150 Page Hall
1810 College Road
Columbus, OH  43210

For more information please contact:
Shadia Jallaq
614- 247-8181