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Government and business are inextricably linked in the United States. Public policies, including regulations, taxes, and programs, have a large influence on the economy and the environment in which business operates. Likewise, the health and productivity of businesses impact the economy, government revenues, and need for government services. In turn, both government and business are substantially affected by financial institutions and services.

This course will explore the relationship between government and business. First, it provides an introduction to the history and ideological foundations of capitalism and government. Second, the course introduces the core needs of business and how these are affected by the public sector.

Next, we will consider the role of government in the business environment and economy. We will also look at the mechanisms that businesses use to influence public policy. Course learning goals and objectives are pursued via lectures, written assignments, and class discussion of case studies and current events.

This course is an upper undergraduate honors course exploring the relationship of government and business in the United States. As such, it is meant to be a bridging course to graduate level course work. Thus, the material and depth of analysis will be reflective of this level of work.